Frequently asked questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
What is the difference between concierge care and Direct Primary Care?
Do I have to see any specific consultants if I join?
Do I have to become a member to get care in this practice?
Are refunds available?
If I leave the practice, may I rejoin?
Are house calls available?
What may be included in a house call?
Why is this practice better than other practices?
What if I don’t need to go to the physician very often? Is it worth it?
What if I need to go to the hospital? Will my doctor care for me there?
Can I get reimbursement from my health insurance company for out of network expenses?
Are membership fees deductible from HSA’s and MSA’s?
What happens if the doctor is out of town?
Can I contact the physician on nights or weekends?
If I join, do I need health insurance?
How often may I see Dr. Jacobs?
What services are offered at the office?
Does Dr. Jacobs provide women’s health?
Does Dr. Jacobs treat mental health issues?